What Happens When a Case is Actioned?

What happens when a case is actioned?

Collect-it works in partnership with our sister company Darcey Quigley & Co, leading pre-litigation commercial debt recovery specialists. The platform also allows you to streamline the process: request a quote in-app and receive a quote back within seconds! 

To learn more about Darcey Quigley & Co, click here.

You’ve received your quote and accepted itNow, what’s next?

1 – The team at Darcey Quigley & Co will be alerted and receive all of your case details (they may reach out if they need more info, or if they have any questions)

2 –  If accepted you will receive an email confirming your case has been actioned and a member of Darcey Quigley’s recovery team will be in touch to introduce themselves and update you on your case.

3 – If rejected you will receive an email confirming that Darcey Quigley will not be actioning your case and a reason why.

PS – Check that you’ve completed the debtor details form, this gives the team at Darcey Quigley even more ways of contacting your debtor.

What happens once your case is actioned?

1- Within 1 hour, the relevant notice of intent will be issued to your debtor and your dedicated credit management consultant will start telephone recovery. 

2 –  You’ll be able to see who is your credit management consultant in Collect-it > Cases under Collector Name

3- You’ll receive live case updates in platform as well as email notifications. Your credit management consultant will also be in touch and available for phone calls on 01698 821468.

What different statuses can you see on the platform, and what does it mean?

DraftCase is in the process of being actioned
In RecoveryCase is ongoing / being chased
Expected PaymentPayment is expected
Part PaidCase concluded and part payment was recovered* 
PaidCase concluded, paid in full
ClosedCase is closed*
Sent LegalCase has been sent to a solicitor for action
InstalmentsPayment plan has been agreed upon and is being managed by your credit management consultant
BailiffBailiff agent has been instructed to visit the debtor (England/Wales)
On Hold per ClientThe client (you) have asked us to hold the case.
Chasing FeesThe principal sum is paid, Darcey Quigley & Co is chasing late payment charges
DisputeCase is in dispute
Land RegisterLand register search has been instructed
TraceTrace has been instructed to locate the debtor
Sheriff OfficerSheriff officer has been instructed to visit the debtor (Scotland)

*Your credit management consultant will notify you of the reason, and give you more details via a phone call.

What happens once your case has been closed?

You’ll receive a call from your credit management consultant. 

Missed the call? No worries, you’ll also receive a mail with more details and the next steps 🙂

If you have any questions about a specific case, contact your dedicated credit management consultant.

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